Declaration of consent

Declaration of consent


By submitting your application, you consent to the use of your data for the sole purpose of processing your job application. You hereby declare that the information you are providing is truthful.

Data protection representative and point of contact for data privacy matters
The point of contact for matters pertaining to the privacy of data processed through our services is:


Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH
Lilienthalstraße 11
85080 Gaimersheim
Telefon: +49 841 89 95000

Telefax: +49 841 89 8491999


Inquiries regarding data protection, as well as the assertion of claims with respect to your rights, should be sent to our data protection representative at the address indicated above.

Below is a brief explanation of how your personal data is used when processing your application:

We only collect data that is essential for completing the job application process. You can voluntarily enter additional information in the remaining text fields in the application form. In this case, we only collect data that you enter in the application form yourself.

When you apply for a specific job, your personal data can be viewed only by the personnel department and the department that is posting the position. If you submit an unsolicited job application, your personal data will be accessible by any department with open positions that clearly match your profile.

If you are hired for a position, all of your personal data will be stored in your personnel file. If you are not offered a position, your personal data will be completely deleted after six months, or it will be stored in our database of job applicants for a period of time that you determine, but not to exceed 14 months.

Categories of data for the application process
The types of personal data that we collect and use for the application process initially includes the data you provided to us via the online application, such as first and last name, address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. The data could also include information that you voluntary provide to us in your resume, such as your religion.


We also use personal data acquired from permissible, publicly-available sources, such as professional networks.

Purpose and legal basis for processing personal data
We process your personal data in line with the EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). We use your personal data for the main purposes of completing the job application and initiating an employment relationship, understanding there is no guarantee that an employment relationship will materialize. We process your personal data pursuant to Article 6, Paragraph 1, Section 1 b) of the GDPR, in conjunction with Article 26, Paragraph 1 of the BDSG.


Insofar as special categories of personal data are processed pursuant to Article 9, Paragraph 1 of the GDPR, this data will be used for the sole purpose of processing your job application and completing the selection process in line with Article 9, Paragraph 2 b) of the GDPR.

In the event we process your personal data for a purpose not listed above, we will notify you accordingly.

Data security
Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH undertakes comprehensive measures, to the best of its knowledge and belief, to ensure your personal data is safeguarded from manipulation, falsification, loss, unauthorized access and unauthorized publication.

Information about your personal data and other information regarding data privacy
If you wish to receive information about your personal data, or if you wish to delete or modify your personal data, please contact our data protection representative at

You will find further information regarding the nature of, and extent to which, your personal data is processed by this website, in addition to your rights, at:

* I consent to the processing of my personal data and documents for the purpose of processing my application.

I consent to the storage of my personal data in the job applicant database for a maximum of 14 months, or until I revoke my consent, so that Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH can contact me about future jobs.

I have been expressly notified that the processing of my personal data occurs on a voluntary basis. I furthermore understand that at any time, I can revoke my consent or refuse to have my application processed in the future. My notice of revocation will be sent to:

In case of a revocation, Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH will delete my personal data upon receipt of the notice of revocation.